Authorized SAP training Institutes Malaysia

Genovate Solutions Sdn. Bhd.
Level 24, Suite 24.02
Menara TA One
22, Jalan P. Ramlee
50250 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: (60) 3 21666723/21666724
Fax: (60) 3 21666725

ObTech Asia Pacific Sdn Bhd
Suite 18.01 � 18.04
18th Floor, Menara Keck Seng
203, Jalan Bukit Bintang
55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel: (60) 32710 9341
Fax: (60) 32710 9346
Contact Person: Esty Yong
E-mail: /

Axon Global
Training site:
ERP, Suite 3.03F, 3rd Floor
Kompleks Antarabangsa, Jalan Sultan Ismail
50250 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: (60) 3 89941089
Contact person: Zuraidah Hamzah

Axon Solutions Sdn. Bhd
Training site:
Suite 3.1 Level 3
Wisma Great Easte, 25 Lebuh Light
10200 Penang
Contact person: Marziah Zain

Knowledge Com Corporation Sdn Bhd
Unit C-15-03, Block C,
3 Two Square
No.2, Jalan 19/1
46300 Selangor, Malaysia
Tel: (60) 37960 1922
Contact Person: Mr. Rubaneswaran


Anonymous said...

The worst faculty ever I met and does not want to meet is Jawahar. By following some of my friend's advise I joined crm course with him. He is so irresponsibe, he cancels class if AC doesn't work, if duster is not there, if he is not in mood and never starts class on time only past half an hour.Ateast he does not have a decent knowledge on crm. He completed service module on a sunday in 3 hours and said that's enough as we cannot claim experience in that module. Such a rude and irresponsible person.

Anonymous said...

I am learning from Ramcharan, Oasis. He is the best faculty for CRM right now.He taught us middleware settings and also SD module neccessary to understand crm better. You can blindly join him as I have already spent money on 3 faculties jawahar, laxmi & sriram but without any confidence i have come out. Wasted 8 months.
Now i feel very confident as I have excellent knowledge and can even answer realtime scenario. Pl do not waste time, if you want good job in crm, then only ramcharan can get you that.

Anonymous said...

Don't follow these Intentional reviews wrote either by faculty or his friends/institutes. Just attend demos in 2/3 institutes, and you yourself will understand.

One thing for sure Jawahar is past & also old stuff, never had any realtime experience, he has become popular only beacause their was no faculty for crm earlier, not disciplined, not punctual and not serious for student careers. He is just making money on some fools recommendations. Even he went to such extent where he collected full fees from us, trained for 2 weeks each module 1/2 days and gone absconding. We have to spend time and money again to learn with another faculty.He is extinct.
To get grip on crm you need minimum of 45 to 60 hours training and practice seperately.Don't just follow some fools advise.

Go out yourself and directly talk to faculty, now a days there are young faculty's with realtime exp and are serious about our careers.
I heard about a faculty who teaches Middleware & SD also along with crm with realtime scenarios. Not sure whether he is in oasis or somewhere. But name is Ramcharan (not chiranjeevi's son).

Do not follow others, make your own identity. You see, You listen, You decide. You are the best guide for your own career.

Anonymous said...

Why people who lost money and got cheated by the great jawahar are sitting calm and silent. Why don't you atleast share because people like me who are new to crm career will be safe. Before coming I thought jawahar is good trainer but I don't know this cheating issue and his incapability till i came to Hyderabad.So many students have wasted their valuabe time and became insecure of getting job after attending the course.


Anonymous said...

SAP-CRM professionals: Be aware.
Don't just pay fees blindly to sriram and laxmi ganesh by following your friend advise. Attend 1 week and you will understand they are showman and nothing. No need to say i think everyone is aware about jawahar cheating case of 8 lakhs of student fees last year i.e., 2011 from 4 batches.
Think twenty times before joining these showmen.
Best wishes
Vinay kumar Chowdary
TCS, Banglore

Vikram bilvadhe said...

Thanks a lot Raamcharan Sir,

You are awesome. I really aprreciate the way you guided us in CRM course and the inspiration that you gave us. I have become so strong that without any hesitation attended interviews and got selected in 2 companies. But i cannot join here, should go back to Germany and want to try there. Hope i get CRM job in germany also. Thanks again to all those who have posted about RC sir. Without your comments i would have never met him.


Rupendra said...

Thanks a lot vikram for sending me the address of Mr.Ramcharan to my mail. Though you didn't share this in the blog, it's my courtesy to publish my sincere thanks to you in the forum. RC is extra-ordinary person. I just met him for 5-10 mnts and the vibration i felt can't explain. He is such a powerful optimistic individual and full of SAP knowledge. The moment i met him i remembered my friends comments that he is 'SAPCHARAN'. He is the Sr.Project Manager and have an experience of 14 different projects in SD and CRM modules. He is a moving SAP.CRM library. ohhhhh! May god bless me with 10% of his personality.
Rupendra, Manchester

Rupendra said...

Dear RC students,

Pl take a look at the following link

and see for more updates. RC sir will share his knowledge and a complete list of RC students will be updated.
Hope this initiative will benefit all of us and also the new/freshers to SAP.CRM
Rupendra Weeregyaku

Shalu said...

Good work yaar, is truly helpful for those who want to undergo SAP CRM Online training from Ramcharan. Really new comers in SAP CRM field are lucky to know who is Ramcharan so soon. You made it possible. Keep up rupendra.
Shalu Rathode Singh

Rajmohan said...

Hi All,
Please read this carefully.

We a batch of 14 candidates joined SAP CRM course at Vertion IT, where jawahar is teaching. We were guided by our seniors who heard about him. But after we joined and paid full fees within 10 days we realized the blunder we did. 1st module Base customization was finished in just 10 days. Not understanding any topic we were confused what to do. Then we decided to attend demos, started hunting for good faculty for SAP CRM. Atlast we found Ramcharan after attending 5 classes of different faculties. Ramcharan is passionate about SAPCRM and Training. We could not hesitate to ask him to allow us as a batch to join and we paid fees immediately. So it's a lesson for all those who blindly follow suggestions of their friends, seniors or colleagues. Don't be blind and waste your money and time. Keep open yourself and try to find good faculties. Time is precious than anything and with time you either loose or gain confidence.

Javed said...

Hi All,
Myself Javed from Mumbai. I heard about faculty Ramcharan sir and decided to join classroom course. Then I came to hyderabad to utilize 3 months of time dedicatedly on SAP CRM, meanwhile one of my old friend who undergone training under sriram-Besap institute met me at Hyderabad and suggested I should join Besap. Tough I read comments from so many students about Ramcharan sir, I got influenced by my friend and joined Besap. Starting was fine, but after 1 month I realized the mistake I did. At beginning classes were regular and teaching was also good, slowly after 1st week sriram faculty started cancelling classes and hardly he took 17 days in 1st month and completed 2 modules in SAP CRM. I was surprised & shocked but immediately took decision to go and join Ramcharan sir course. Requested him to allow me in all batches as I have wasted already 1 month and 15,000 rupees. He generously allowed and said only one thing which i will remember Lifelong “Forget past, start fresh and focus – I will give all the required tools and you will succeed”. That one sentence really really changed my attitude and outlook towards my career. I started as new person, completed my course in 2 months everyday busy schedule, examples, exercises given by Ramcharan sir and lab hours for practice. I thank him from my heart and wish all those who want SAP CRM course may not waste their valuable time trying other faculties. Going on to my 1st abroad assignment to Swiss within short time because of my knowledge in SAP CRM.
Javed Aktar, Mumbai, Capgemini.

Anonymous said...

I read so many comments about ramcharan sir, but did my research by attending classes of different trainers. Ultimately decided to join ramcharan sir course only. There is absolutely no comparison with RC sir. He is a legend and the true passion that he puts in training to help students is inexpressible.
Wishing all SAP CRM Consultants a successful career. Harinarayana, Sandiego.

Rangachary said...

Ramcharan sir is the only faculty who is punctual and regular to the classes. He is a focused individual and dedicates his personal time for teaching. His passion made him strong and unmovable, i know him since 2006. Seen and heard about so many faculties in IT, but none were punctual first and secondly regular to classes. But Ramcharan sir being so knowledgeable and highly skilled he never misses time and class. Very high in discipline he comes with tons of positiveness and motivation.

Prasu said...

Whatever, anyone who wants to do a course need to see 3 important things
1. Trainer's knowledge
2. Presentation skills(make us comfortable and confident)
3. Trainer's discipline
If you find 3 things in any faculty join bliindly. Don't get influenced by friends or institute names. You can attend demo right? Attend, enquire and join. It's not money which will get wasted if you join wrong institute or wrong faculty, It's 1. Time 2. Confidence and 3. Josh/Zeal which you loose. And it is very difficult to get them back.
Just to add to help SAP seekers i have seen faculty Mr. Ramcharan who has these 3 qualities. He will not make any kind of promises nor will get you job. He will impart the necessary knowledge to be successful and confident. He has tremendous knowledge and fabulous expressive skills and is highly desciplined. You see such type very rarely.
Lakshmi Prasanna

Anonymous said...

Recently completed training online in sap-crm and felt satisfied with the knowledge and explanation. It's very difficult to find genuine faculties that too online. I have been waiting for a faculty who has decent knowledge and explain well and being in some other location, with busy schedule everyday, without seeing faculty directly it is risky. After seeing my friend's reviews about rcstudentclub i attended demo online and later joined the course. I was happy the way RC took classes and the patience he has to explain again and again. is helpful for all those who want to undergo online training in sap-crm from Ramcharan sir and this dedicated student community will suggest faculties/institutes genuinely for other modules also.Hope they introduce other modules soon.
With best regards

Baijayanti Malakar said...

Ramcharan is surely a most valuable Diamond in the SAP crown, I saw and attended so many training's but the way he takes you through the topic is simply outstanding, he uses most easiest and best examples. I salute to his passion for training and wish him with all the blessings from parents of his successful students.
God bless his passion.
Baijayanti Malakar,Siliguri

rcstudentclub said...

All the sap consultants who are working in SD, ABAP, CRM functional & Technical definitely need to know and learn Middleware. Understanding the replication from CRM to R/3 back-end system and the different loads (initial & delta loads) and middleware connections and request load for objects will be very useful for them. Only one faculty RamCharan sir at hyderabad is explaining and teaching middleware course both classroom and online. visit and get details like course curriculum, duration etc. Make the most out of this excellent opportunity. Good luck

Spandana said...

My sincere suggestion to all of you whoever want to do crm course go and join Ramcharan sir institute. He is the best faculty for sap. The notes he tells and the examples he gives are enough to crack the job market. I recently attended Wipro interview and got selected. I just read and practiced the notes given by RC sir, it is so clear and easy to remember. Thanks so much.

Allen Vosco said...

Hi Abap brothers, myself Allen from Goa working for HCL as ABAP consultant for last 4 years. Recently i was shifted to a new project to work on crm. As i worked on purely technical side, it was very difficult for me to understand the business process and concepts, but i was forced to work as their is huge shortage of crm functional guys. Still many crm projects are in queue to complete and company will push Abap consultants, so be prepared and learn crm functional fast.
Christ bless, i found online training from Ramcharan sir. He made me so strong and confident in the topics. He made me feel that I am in classroom, continuous interaction in online class always made me to be attentive and i learned well. His notes is very useful in my daily work. My sincere thanks and best wishes to him.
Ramcharan sir passion and presentation is just PHENOMENAL,
Notes is SUFFICIENT and
Examples he uses are EXCEPTIONAL.
Allen Vosco

Anonymous said...

hi radhika,

I am Sujit from UP.
It is true, even i learned from faculty MP Reddy who is teaching INDEXIT, ameerpet, Hyderabad is not upto the levels.
especially core modules like SERVICE/SALES/MIDDLEWARE - he has nill knowledge.

Sujit Trivedi

Anonymous said...

hi radhika,

I am Sujit from UP.
It is true, even i learned from faculty MP Reddy who is teaching INDEXIT, ameerpet, Hyderabad is not upto the levels.
especially core modules like SERVICE/SALES/MIDDLEWARE - he has nill knowledge.

Sujit Trivedi

Anonymous said...

hi radhika,

I am Sujit from UP.
It is true, even i learned from faculty MP Reddy who is teaching INDEXIT, ameerpet, Hyderabad is not upto the levels.
especially core modules like SERVICE/SALES/MIDDLEWARE - he has nill knowledge.

Sujit Trivedi

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