What is SAP QM

What is SAP QM ?

Quality management is a method for ensuring that all the activities necessary to design, develop and implement a product or service are effective and efficient with respect to the system and its performance.

Quality management is the comprehensive solution that supports the company throughout the product life cycle and along the supply chain. It offers a wide range of functions and collaborative services, which are fully integrated into SAP ERP, for assuring and managing the quality of products and assets. It also focuses on prevention and continuous process improvement through collaboration and sustained quality control.

The SAP QM module supports tasks associated with quality planning, quality inspection and quality control throughout an enterprise. It sets the specifications for quality and standard testing procedures, controls the creation of quality certificates and manages notifications related to quality. It also stores the quality data for raw materials, goods-in-process and finished goods.

The QM (Quality management) application component in SAP R/3 System supports tasks associated with quality planning, quality inspection and quality control. In addition, it controls the creation of quality certificates and manages problems with the help of quality notifications.

The companies can use the Complaint Management for achieving their quality goals. This process provides the notification and analysis of non-conformities, defects, and failures that are related to products, processes, or services.

SAP ERP supports problem management with its very flexible and powerful quality notification tool. It is possible to record quality notifications using variable templates depending on the scenario. Notifications are a flexible tool for recording, processing, and monitoring all unplanned events in an organization, e.g. complaints against vendors, customer complaints, or internal problems.





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