SAP Stands for

SAP (SAP ERP) stands for Systems Applications and Products in Data Processing. SAP was developed by SAP AG, a German Company. SAP R/3 or SAP ERP are two versions of the enterprise resource planning software product of SAP AG.

SAP was founded in 1972 as Systemanalyse und Programmentwicklung.
The acronym SAP was later changed to Systeme, Anwendungen und Produkte in der Datenverarbeitung in German("Systems, Applications and Products in Data Processing in English").

In 1972 the SAP R/1 solution was launched. Seven years later, in 1979, SAP launched SAP R/2. In 1981, SAP brought a completely re-designed solution to market. With the change from R/2 to R/3 in 1992, SAP followed the trend from mainframe computing to client-server architectures. The development of SAP’s internet strategy with redesigned the concept of business processes (integration via Internet)

SAP ERP is desinged to cater all the needs of an organization from various departments without any need to use additional software application. For this, SAP maintains a central database for all the departments of an enterprise. SAP ERP includes four individual solutions that support key functional areas:

SAP ERP Financials
SAP ERP Human Capital Management
SAP ERP Operations
SAP ERP Corporate Services

Due to a central database, all SAP modules are interconnected and hence realtime reporting becomes possible unlike in legacy systems where due to lack of interconnection between various applications being used realtime reporting is not possible resulting in time lag.

As an example let us suppose that a top level manager wants to review the situation of the company at the end of the day. Using legasy system, it is not possible because data has to be acollected from different departments and then processed, which may take time or till the next day, but in SAP ERP environment as all the departments and interconnected and events are updated realtime, the top level managers acn have access to all the reports in realtime time thus saving time and helping in faster decision making.


srinivas said...

SAP is an ERP - A software product that helps you to manage all the resources of an organization.

It is used by many large to medium size organization. It has over 50% of the market share in ERPs.

geeta said...

It has modules. A client who wants to implement SAP in their company will select the modules required for their business.

Solutions provided are:

Human Resources
Customer Relationship Management
Supplier Relationship Management
Product Lifecycle Management
Supply Chain Management
Business Intelligence

Major module usually implemented are:

1. FICO - Finance and Control
2. MM - Materials Management
3. SD - Sales and Distribution
4. QM - Quality Management
5. HCM - Human Capital Management
6. PP - Production Planning
7. WM - Warehouse Mangement

apart from these there are others also

SM - Service Management
AA - Asset Accounting
PM - Plant Maintenance
PS - Project Systems
and moreover there are industry specific solutions like

IS - Mill - (industry solution for mills)
IS - Oil - (industry solution for petroleum related companies)
IS - Auto - (industry solution for Automobile Industries)
IS - Retail - (industry solution for retail organization)

More over there are new dimension products such as CRM, PLM, SRM, APO etc

CA Cross Application – these lie on top of the individual modules, and include
WF – workflow
BIW – business information warehouse
EP - Enterprise Portal

dos said...

The original SAP idea was to provide customers with the ability to interact with a common corporate database for a comprehensive range of applications. Gradually, the applications have been assembled and today many corporations, including IBM and Microsoft, are using SAP products to run their own businesses.

SAP applications, built around their latest R/3 system, provide the capability to manage financial, asset, and cost accounting, production operations and materials, personnel, plants, and archived documents. The R/3 system runs on a number of platforms including Windows 2000 and uses the client/server model. The latest version of R/3 includes a comprehensive Internet-enabled package.

samer said...

Due to ongoing recession, there has been drop in IT recruitment and some companies are even cutting jobs, but i have it seems there is little impact on SAP domain as many companies are still recruiting SAP professionals. SAP stands to stay here in spite of recession..

don said...

Yes, SAP is still strong, with one can say no impact of recession

shaila said...

ERP, as we know, stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. In that case, what does SAP mean? SAP is an information technology acronym that when spelled out means Session Announcement Protocol. It is a form of announcement protocol that is employed for multicast sessions so that potential participants can be informed about pertinent session setup data. An SAP is usually dependent on the Real-Time Transport Protocol.

samaar said...

But there is also another way the SAP acronym is used in the IT world. SAP may also be used to mean Service Advertising Protocol which is employed so that servers linked somehow to the network will be identified through their respective addresses and services. In this case, SAP functions as a Netware protocol. Service Advertising Protocol allows the Server Information Table to function like a phonebook which would require NetWare clients to be knowledgeable about the real address of the server or service that they want before they can access it. Should the server that you want be unavailable, a broadcast packet that would indicate that status is delivered to the Server Information Structure. SAP agents are periodically informed about the status of a server every 60 seconds when a new broadcast packet is delivered. If there is no new periodic broadcast delivered in the span of 3 minutes, the server is called a downed server. The SAP agent will then eliminate the information about the server from the table, and is responsible for initiating a new broadcast with the information that that server is a downed server. This process permits SAP agents to maintain updated Server Information Tables.

patil said...

A third way that you can derive the meaning of SAP is if it is used to refer to the Systems, Applications and Products in Data Processing company, derived from the name SAP America, Incorporated. This company houses the American operations of the software firm SAP AG of Germany. SAP AG is currently believed to be the dominant player in the world for business software solutions. Based on revenues, SAP AG is considered the third-biggest independent software developer in the global industry as well. SAP works for six different sectors in the software industry, namely, Public Services, Financial Services, Service Industries, Consumer Industries, Discrete Industries, and Process Industries.

adolf said...

SAP AG does not concentrate on serving just large enterprises – it also serves small- to medium-sized companies as well. SAP AG is known to have helped introduce the ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning concept which is why the company focuses on ERP systems and ERP solutions in its array of services. In the US, SAP America competes directly with major player Oracle Corporation, with the latter even initiating legal action against SAP for allegedly illegal corporate practices conducted by the SAP subsidiary SAP TN. In turn, SAP denies it has committed intellectual property theft from Oracle.

Anonymous said...

Hi ppl..
Nice knowledge sharing from your answers..I am fresher joined in Ramco company ERP Dept..working on SQL and I really don hav any idea abt ERP..I want know the scope of this dept??? and how can improve my career???wat i hav to do for achieving top most company in ERP???I ll be waiting on this blog for reply...


SAP said...

SAP is the market and technology leader in business management software, providing comprehensive business software through SAP applications, services and support. SAP is the world's leading ERP software and has been around for more than 3 decades.

SAP PP resource:

Jurilaya said...

I have come from Assam. In our state there are no proper educational institutes to teach SAP. By seeing and hearing a lot about Raamcharan sir I have come and joined here in Hyderabad. He is a Fabulous trainer. I know he teaches online, but still i came all along to be more sure about the subject with a little hesitation about spending lot of money. But when i joined SAP-CRM course thought by RC sir, i didn't have any complaints and rather i feel i made right decision, i got more than value for money. Subject is just one thing, you get confidence, you feel motivated, you become expert and you will win. I got opportunity in Bngl, Delloite.
Thanks a lot RC sir. Thank you Hyderabad.

Vikram bilvadhe said...

Thanks a lot Raamcharan Sir,

You are awesome. I really aprreciate the way you guided us in CRM course and the inspiration that you gave us. I have become so strong that without any hesitation attended interviews and got selected in 2 companies. But i cannot join here, should go back to Germany and want to try there. Hope i get CRM job in germany also. Thanks again to all those who have posted about RC sir. Without your comments i would have never met him.


Rupendra said...

Thanks a lot vikram for sending me the address of Mr.Ramcharan to my mail. Though you didn't share this in the blog, it's my courtesy to publish my sincere thanks to you in the forum. RC is extra-ordinary person. I just met him for 5-10 mnts and the vibration i felt can't explain. He is such a powerful optimistic individual and full of SAP knowledge. The moment i met him i remembered my friends comments that he is 'SAPCHARAN'. He is the Sr.Project Manager and have an experience of 14 different projects in SD and CRM modules. He is a moving SAP.CRM library. ohhhhh! May god bless me with 10% of his personality.
Rupendra, Manchester

Rupendra said...

Dear RC students,

Pl take a look at the following link

and see for more updates. RC sir will share his knowledge and a complete list of RC students will be updated.
Hope this initiative will benefit all of us and also the new/freshers to SAP.CRM
Rupendra Weeregyaku

Shalu said...

Good work yaar, is truly helpful for those who want to undergo SAP CRM Online training from Ramcharan. Really new comers in SAP CRM field are lucky to know who is Ramcharan so soon. You made it possible. Keep up rupendra.
Shalu Rathode Singh

Rajmohan said...

Hi All,
Please read this carefully.

We a batch of 14 candidates joined SAP CRM course at Vertion IT, where jawahar is teaching. We were guided by our seniors who heard about him. But after we joined and paid full fees within 10 days we realized the blunder we did. 1st module Base customization was finished in just 10 days. Not understanding any topic we were confused what to do. Then we decided to attend demos, started hunting for good faculty for SAP CRM. Atlast we found Ramcharan after attending 5 classes of different faculties. Ramcharan is passionate about SAPCRM and Training. We could not hesitate to ask him to allow us as a batch to join and we paid fees immediately. So it's a lesson for all those who blindly follow suggestions of their friends, seniors or colleagues. Don't be blind and waste your money and time. Keep open yourself and try to find good faculties. Time is precious than anything and with time you either loose or gain confidence.

Anonymous said...

Ramcharan sir can make you so positive with his mesmerizing teaching skills and make you believe that you are a born SAP CRM consultant and can handle any project.
Snigdha, Rajkot

Prasu said...

Whatever, anyone who wants to do a course need to see 3 important things
1. Trainer's knowledge
2. Presentation skills(make us comfortable and confident)
3. Trainer's discipline
If you find 3 things in any faculty join bliindly. Don't get influenced by friends or institute names. You can attend demo right? Attend, enquire and join. It's not money which will get wasted if you join wrong institute or wrong faculty, It's 1. Time 2. Confidence and 3. Josh/Zeal which you loose. And it is very difficult to get them back.
Just to add to help SAP seekers i have seen faculty Mr. Ramcharan who has these 3 qualities. He will not make any kind of promises nor will get you job. He will impart the necessary knowledge to be successful and confident. He has tremendous knowledge and fabulous expressive skills and is highly desciplined. You see such type very rarely.
Lakshmi Prasanna

Anonymous said...

Recently completed training online in sap-crm and felt satisfied with the knowledge and explanation. It's very difficult to find genuine faculties that too online. I have been waiting for a faculty who has decent knowledge and explain well and being in some other location, with busy schedule everyday, without seeing faculty directly it is risky. After seeing my friend's reviews about rcstudentclub i attended demo online and later joined the course. I was happy the way RC took classes and the patience he has to explain again and again. is helpful for all those who want to undergo online training in sap-crm from Ramcharan sir and this dedicated student community will suggest faculties/institutes genuinely for other modules also.Hope they introduce other modules soon.
With best regards

Swapnapriya said...

Attending classroom course of Ramcharan sir, i say he is a disciplined faculty. He has good knowledge and also never angry even if you ask again. He teaches very good and comes on time. I am about to complete my course, joined in April 2012. I advise everyone who want to make career in crm of sap then join immediately Ramcharan sir training.

Baijayanti Malakar said...

Ramcharan is surely a most valuable Diamond in the SAP crown, I saw and attended so many training's but the way he takes you through the topic is simply outstanding, he uses most easiest and best examples. I salute to his passion for training and wish him with all the blessings from parents of his successful students.
God bless his passion.
Baijayanti Malakar,Siliguri

rcstudentclub said...

All the sap consultants who are working in SD, ABAP, CRM functional & Technical definitely need to know and learn Middleware. Understanding the replication from CRM to R/3 back-end system and the different loads (initial & delta loads) and middleware connections and request load for objects will be very useful for them. Only one faculty RamCharan sir at hyderabad is explaining and teaching middleware course both classroom and online. visit and get details like course curriculum, duration etc. Make the most out of this excellent opportunity. Good luck

Spandana said...

My sincere suggestion to all of you whoever want to do crm course go and join Ramcharan sir institute. He is the best faculty for sap. The notes he tells and the examples he gives are enough to crack the job market. I recently attended Wipro interview and got selected. I just read and practiced the notes given by RC sir, it is so clear and easy to remember. Thanks so much.

Anonymous said...

Don't believe BESAP institute-Hyd and faculty their. They have collected 15 k from me for crm course and faculty comes first 10 days, later he disappears. When he will conduct classes no information, Suddenly we get message that today class is on. When asked institute they keep on faculty and we cannot find faculty. This institute is just for money making and not for serious training. Never join BESAP : the worst institute and worst service.

Sujeet said...

I have been through couple of courses at hyderabad-Abap and crm. Before coming just enquired about faculties and later joined. To my astonishment both were simply superb in presentation Mr.Anku reddy and Mr.Ramcharan. The notes both give is vast and can refer any time in future, no need of any other printed material. You have to search such faculties who have real passion towards teaching and later join. Don't just go by the crowd.

Allen Vosco said...

Hi Abap brothers, myself Allen from Goa working for HCL as ABAP consultant for last 4 years. Recently i was shifted to a new project to work on crm. As i worked on purely technical side, it was very difficult for me to understand the business process and concepts, but i was forced to work as their is huge shortage of crm functional guys. Still many crm projects are in queue to complete and company will push Abap consultants, so be prepared and learn crm functional fast.
Christ bless, i found online training from Ramcharan sir. He made me so strong and confident in the topics. He made me feel that I am in classroom, continuous interaction in online class always made me to be attentive and i learned well. His notes is very useful in my daily work. My sincere thanks and best wishes to him.
Ramcharan sir passion and presentation is just PHENOMENAL,
Notes is SUFFICIENT and
Examples he uses are EXCEPTIONAL.
Allen Vosco

Tee Chess said...

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