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Vietnam National University
IT Park, 6th Street
Linh Trung Ward, Thu Duc District
Ho Chi Minh City,
Tel: (63) 2 370-1100


Javed said...

Hi All,
Myself Javed from Mumbai. I heard about faculty Ramcharan sir and decided to join classroom course. Then I came to hyderabad to utilize 3 months of time dedicatedly on SAP CRM, meanwhile one of my old friend who undergone training under sriram-Besap institute met me at Hyderabad and suggested I should join Besap. Tough I read comments from so many students about Ramcharan sir, I got influenced by my friend and joined Besap. Starting was fine, but after 1 month I realized the mistake I did. At beginning classes were regular and teaching was also good, slowly after 1st week sriram faculty started cancelling classes and hardly he took 17 days in 1st month and completed 2 modules in SAP CRM. I was surprised & shocked but immediately took decision to go and join Ramcharan sir course. Requested him to allow me in all batches as I have wasted already 1 month and 15,000 rupees. He generously allowed and said only one thing which i will remember Lifelong “Forget past, start fresh and focus – I will give all the required tools and you will succeed”. That one sentence really really changed my attitude and outlook towards my career. I started as new person, completed my course in 2 months everyday busy schedule, examples, exercises given by Ramcharan sir and lab hours for practice. I thank him from my heart and wish all those who want SAP CRM course may not waste their valuable time trying other faculties. Going on to my 1st abroad assignment to Swiss within short time because of my knowledge in SAP CRM.
Javed Aktar, Mumbai, Capgemini.

Anonymous said...

I read so many comments about ramcharan sir, but did my research by attending classes of different trainers. Ultimately decided to join ramcharan sir course only. There is absolutely no comparison with RC sir. He is a legend and the true passion that he puts in training to help students is inexpressible.
Wishing all SAP CRM Consultants a successful career. Harinarayana, Sandiego.

Rangachary said...

Ramcharan sir is the only faculty who is punctual and regular to the classes. He is a focused individual and dedicates his personal time for teaching. His passion made him strong and unmovable, i know him since 2006. Seen and heard about so many faculties in IT, but none were punctual first and secondly regular to classes. But Ramcharan sir being so knowledgeable and highly skilled he never misses time and class. Very high in discipline he comes with tons of positiveness and motivation.

Anonymous said...

Whatever, anyone who wants to do a course need to see 3 important things
1. Trainer's knowledge
2. Presentation skills(make us comfortable and confident)
3. Trainer's discipline
If you find 3 things in any faculty join bliindly. Don't get influenced by friends or institute names. You can attend demo right? Attend, enquire and join. It's not money which will get wasted if you join wrong institute or wrong faculty, It's 1. Time 2. Confidence and 3. Josh/Zeal which you loose. And it is very difficult to get them back.
Just to add to help SAP seekers i have seen faculty Mr. Ramcharan who has these 3 qualities. He will not make any kind of promises nor will get you job. He will impart the necessary knowledge to be successful and confident. He has tremendous knowledge and fabulous expressive skills and is highly desciplined. You see such type very rarely.
Lakshmi Prasanna

rcstudentclub said...

All the sap consultants who are working in SD, ABAP, CRM functional & Technical definitely need to know and learn Middleware. Understanding the replication from CRM to R/3 back-end system and the different loads (initial & delta loads) and middleware connections and request load for objects will be very useful for them. Only one faculty RamCharan sir at hyderabad is explaining and teaching middleware course both classroom and online. visit and get details like course curriculum, duration etc. Make the most out of this excellent opportunity. Good luck

Anonymous said...

I am the guy who took demos from various institutes Including Ram chanran and Sriram and Nine apps.

Not to speak of Sriram, There is no comparison between Ram charan and Nine apps.

I dont think he knows any thing about WebUI Configurations..LOL..
and how about communication. He is a Telgu guy who hardly speaks English in the class room..

One can easily be food by above posts but the truth is that you will find lots of students from many different students and they are happy.. SriRam and Ramallu both are arrogant and impolite to many students but SriRam teaches very well..

and one more thing.. No trainer has those 3 qualities in Ameerpet Area...

Ask Ram Charan.. Does he know what is TPM ? does his institute have integrated system for replication demo..LOL.

one more thing.. That Ramlu ( the Management guy) at sri Ram insitute is a big asshole..and so is Sri Ram.. but SriRam has good knowledge and experience in SAP CRM Functional..

Dont go by words/blogs here.. meet students and speak to them..

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