Learn SAP in India

Learning SAP in India has the advantage of both quality of education and cost. As compared to learning SAP in US or any other western country, learning SAP in India reduces the cost by 70-75%. India too has worldclass authorized SAP training centers like Genovate, Siemens, SAP Labs, BCPL, etc. Apart from training from training institutes, there are many certified SAP professionals with multiple years of experience in SAP inplementation who are ready to mentor at reasonable charges. Among the indian cities Hyderabad is one of the best city for learning SAP. There are plenty of training institutes and also one can find lot of SAP professionals for mentoring. Bangalore is good but quitely costly same with Delhi, Mumbai, and Pune.

Some of the best SAP training centers in India are

SAP Labs Bangalore (SAP Labs is a subsidiary of SAP AG)
Reliance Global Services Hyderabad
Genovate has presence at all major cities
Siemens has presence at all major cities
BCPL Mumbai (Very good for Oil and gas petroleum)


Shalu said...

Good work yaar,

http://rcstudentclub.wordpress.com is truly helpful for those who want to undergo SAP CRM Online training from Ramcharan. Really new comers in SAP CRM field are lucky to know who is Ramcharan so soon. You made it possible. Keep up rupendra.
Shalu Rathode Singh

Anonymous said...

I read so many comments about ramcharan sir, but did my research by attending classes of different trainers. Ultimately decided to join ramcharan sir course only. There is absolutely no comparison with RC sir. He is a legend and the true passion that he puts in training to help students is inexpressible.
Wishing all SAP CRM Consultants a successful career. Harinarayana, Sandiego.

Prasu said...

Whatever, anyone who wants to do a course need to see 3 important things
1. Trainer's knowledge
2. Presentation skills(make us comfortable and confident)
3. Trainer's discipline
If you find 3 things in any faculty join bliindly. Don't get influenced by friends or institute names. You can attend demo right? Attend, enquire and join. It's not money which will get wasted if you join wrong institute or wrong faculty, It's 1. Time 2. Confidence and 3. Josh/Zeal which you loose. And it is very difficult to get them back.
Just to add to help SAP seekers i have seen faculty Mr. Ramcharan who has these 3 qualities. He will not make any kind of promises nor will get you job. He will impart the necessary knowledge to be successful and confident. He has tremendous knowledge and fabulous expressive skills and is highly desciplined. You see such type very rarely.
Lakshmi Prasanna

Anonymous said...

Recently completed training online in sap-crm and felt satisfied with the knowledge and explanation. It's very difficult to find genuine faculties that too online. I have been waiting for a faculty who has decent knowledge and explain well and being in some other location, with busy schedule everyday, without seeing faculty directly it is risky. After seeing my friend's reviews about rcstudentclub i attended demo online and later joined the course. I was happy the way RC took classes and the patience he has to explain again and again.

http://rcstudentclub.wordpress.com/ is helpful for all those who want to undergo online training in sap-crm from Ramcharan sir and this dedicated student community will suggest faculties/institutes genuinely for other modules also.Hope they introduce other modules soon.
With best regards

Baijayanti Malakar said...

Ramcharan is surely a most valuable Diamond in the SAP crown, I saw and attended so many training's but the way he takes you through the topic is simply outstanding, he uses most easiest and best examples. I salute to his passion for training and wish him with all the blessings from parents of his successful students.
God bless his passion.
Baijayanti Malakar,Siliguri

rcstudentclub said...

All the sap consultants who are working in SD, ABAP, CRM functional & Technical definitely need to know and learn Middleware. Understanding the replication from CRM to R/3 back-end system and the different loads (initial & delta loads) and middleware connections and request load for objects will be very useful for them. Only one faculty RamCharan sir at hyderabad is explaining and teaching middleware course both classroom and online. visit http://rcstudentclub.wordpress.com/ and get details like course curriculum, duration etc. Make the most out of this excellent opportunity. Good luck

Spandana said...

My sincere suggestion to all of you whoever want to do crm course go and join Ramcharan sir institute. He is the best faculty for sap. The notes he tells and the examples he gives are enough to crack the job market. I recently attended Wipro interview and got selected. I just read and practiced the notes given by RC sir, it is so clear and easy to remember. Thanks so much.

Allen Vosco said...

Hi Abap brothers, myself Allen from Goa working for HCL as ABAP consultant for last 4 years. Recently i was shifted to a new project to work on crm. As i worked on purely technical side, it was very difficult for me to understand the business process and concepts, but i was forced to work as their is huge shortage of crm functional guys. Still many crm projects are in queue to complete and company will push Abap consultants, so be prepared and learn crm functional fast.
Christ bless, i found online training from Ramcharan sir. He made me so strong and confident in the topics. He made me feel that I am in classroom, continuous interaction in online class always made me to be attentive and i learned well. His notes is very useful in my daily work. My sincere thanks and best wishes to him.
Ramcharan sir passion and presentation is just PHENOMENAL,
Notes is SUFFICIENT and
Examples he uses are EXCEPTIONAL.
Allen Vosco

Abhijeet said...


I want to get MM / SRM training reputed TC other than two giants. Can somebody guide me to a reputed TC like Mr. Ramcharan.

Please contact abhijeet@akcorponet.com

Anonymous said...


I have completed my SAP HR Course.Now i am searching for job in SAP HR very badly from past 6 months still i dint get any job.I have 1.5 years of domain experience in HR.Kindly help how to get SAP HR Job.

You can contact : vijethasuchi@gmail.com

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing, I will bookmark and be back again

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